If you can sketch it, we can build it

Tensile membrane structure is a type of semi permanent structure which rely solely on tension instead of compression nor bending. This particular structure is typically installed as roofing element due to its superior economical value, design flexibility, luxurious and modern ambience, as well as faster construction time compared to conventional structure.

Flexibility in design and creation in various application 

From a simple, yet, elegant car park to sport stadium have been covered. With its fabric-like properties, many unique and aerodynamic design can easily created using membrane structure material. A few common application being sports facilities, warehouse and storage building, and exhibition venue.


Find some ideas and let your imagination run wild

Fabric is the key element, and steel is the supporting structure

Two brands are commonly used with both give 10 years of warranty, Serge Ferrari and Agtex. Founded in 1974 in France, Serge Ferrari is the world leader manufacturer of Précontraint technology for tensile membrane fabric. Their vast collection of membrane fabric is produced based on its application. Agtex is made by PT Ateja Grace Texindo which is the pioneer of fabric coating technology in Indonesia. The factory start manufacturing in 2014 using European state-of-the-art technology. Both of fabrics have 10 years warranty.